Venezuelan airline Conviasa will launch routes to Europe and the Middle East

The Venezuelan airline seeks expansion in the global economic system with the launch of new national and international routes

The Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services, Conviasa, recently announced international flights starting in September with new routes of connections to Europe and the Middle East. They will also reinforce the presence in national destinations such as the Los Roques Archipelago, Canaima and Margarita island.

The opening to international markets is part of Conviasa’s search for a place in the international aeronautical scenario, in addition to strengthening the domestic one.

The president of the airline, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, stressed that this inauguration is part of the expansion plan, thanks to “a commercial alliance established with the Iranian airline Mahan Air“, by enabling its operational platform to organize the distribution of the flights from Caracas, capital of Venezuela, to about 30 international destinations.

Araguayán revealed that thanks to this commercial alliance, Conviasa will reach several destinations in the Middle East such as Syria and Turkey. They will also have direct flights to Tehran, Iran, as well as being directed to 30 other destinations.

In Europe, the city of Rome will receive flights from Caracas, and then continue the route to Russia and China. It is a great opening that will allow the connection to its destination to thousands of travelers from the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

For the 10th and 17th of July, respectively, the inauguration of new Caracas-Quito and Paraguaná-Havana routes is scheduled. This last route is an important income for the country thanks to the dynamics expected in the Special Economic Zone (ZEE) of the Falcón state.

Additionally, Conviasa indicated that they are working on a plan to encourage important “national tourist destinations” such as the Los Roques Archipelago, Canaima and Margarita island.

Conviasa does not rule out opening branches in other countries, which would consolidate it internationally, adding flights to its current itineraries to Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic.


Source: Notitarde

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