Venezuela will install a new cryptocurrency ATM

In this opportunity Caracas will be the headquarters for the purchase and sale of digital assets using dollars

Venezuela is about to install a new cryptocurrency ATM, which is different from the devices already installed in the Caribbean country since the new tool will be double track. It means that it will allow the purchase and sale of bitcoin (BTC), dash (DASH) and litecoin (LTC) with dollars.

According to information provided by the source, Kevin Hernández, marketing and technology consultant of the Superintendence of Cryptoactive and Related Activities (Sunacrip in Spanish), said that the installation of the new ATM will be carried out in Caracas, specifically at the Ciudad Tamanaco Shopping Center (CCCT), located in Chacao.

In this regard, Hernández pointed out that “the cashier is charging some aesthetic details to the interface, but it would be operational by the end of the week. Today we were testing the issuance of money.”

The Caribbean country has already made progress in this area, through the Veinte Venezolana exchange platform, which has a license approved by the country’s regulator and company responsible for the installation of cryptoactive ATMs, Sunacrip.

It is important to mention that a double track cashier allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It also allows cryptocurrency users to have a new option to obtain dollars in physical, changing their digital assets directly at the location.


Source: cointelegraph

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