Venezuela studies using petro in international trade

Joselit Ramírez, National Superintendent of Cryptoactives and Related Activities, said that the Venezuelan government is analyzing the possibility of incorporating petro into mechanisms at an international level in the coming months

The authority said that the government of Venezuela has been working to achieve the consolidation of the project and to launch a payment tool that is useful, both within the country and in international trade.

It is worth emphasizing that in the nation, purchase-sale transactions are already being carried out with the cryptoactive as a payment mechanism. The superintendent also said that they are working “so that some institutions accept petro as a form of payment”.

In the same way, an application is being developed so Venezuelans can use the petro as a safe investment values and savings. The app will be called PetroApp and will serve as a tool for attracting international remittances.

All these advances of the cryptocurrency were shown in the 23rd edition of the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg, a space that exists since 1997 to gather entrepreneurs, investors and others interested in the Russian market together with the country’s government authorities.

Ramírez was able to present the details of the petro both to Russian authorities and to representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union formed by Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. According to the superintendent, the reception of the government authorities to the petro advances was excellent.


Source: Cointelegraph

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