Venezuela grants funds for cryptocurrency wallets and trading

150 thousand dollars were granted by the Venezuelan government to start the activities of exchanges of cryptocurrencies through the Digital Bank

According to the Venezuelan government, the funds are allocated with the idea of ​​getting young people from Venezuela to join the ecosystem of the Digital Youth Bank and the students in conjunction with the National Superintendence of Cryptocurrencies.

In addition, it was approved the creation of the special plan called Petro Joven; a project to help youngsters to start using digital currencies as well as the granting of credits in cryptoactives for young Venezuelans.

Nicolás Maduro said the money was granted “for the diverse use of cryptocurrencies in daily, economic and commercial life and the financing of projects of our youth.”

Similarly, the Venezuelan leader gave clear signs that he is still betting on the petro and the cryptographic currencies in general to overcome the economic blockages imposed from abroad.

The announcements come after the Superintendent of Cryptoactives and Related Activities of Venezuela announced at the beginning of June the possibility that the petro began to be used in the international relations that Venezuela supports with its commercial allies.


Source: The Bitcoin Times

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