USA has invested more than $ 5 million in blockchain analysis

The US government has hired several external agencies to find results that help avoid tax evasion and money laundering, among other crimes

The government of the United States has recently invested about 5.7 million dollars in research for blockchain technology.

This has been done by the current administration through contracted firms, according to the study conducted by Diar.

This investment seeks to fight against tax evasion, money laundering, financing of terrorism and the trafficking of weapons and drugs in dark Internet markets, in addition to other illegal activities.

For its part, companies specializing in the analysis of digital assets have managed to raise 28.8 million dollars since bitcoin was created.

The demand from government agencies to analyze blockchain networks has increased in tandem with the growth in the popularity of bitcoin and the volume of confirmed transactions in that network.

K. Tovar

With information from agencies

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