US technology giants close 2019 with historical maximum

Apple continues to be one of the main technological engines in the New York Stock Exchange, with increased profits of 84%

The main technology companies in the US are about to close 2019 with historical highs after the record of eleven days with green closures, mainly stimulated by Apple and Microsoft.

After spending a year marked with commercial tensions between the United States and China, this last month large revenues have been generated for the technology giants after the announcement of the next signing of the phase one commercial agreement between the two great powers. It has given benefits to companies like Apple, to which the tariff war most offered was vulnerability to the company, something that is not usually well received in the markets.

However, Apple is still the main technological engine in the New York Stock Exchange, after having increased its profits by 84% over last year.

Another giant that has managed to obtain one of its best years is Amazon, whose earnings in 2019 rose 24% and its shares about $ 79.56. Besides that, the US e-commerce company decided to improve its data thanks to a Christmas campaign that they themselves have defined as “record” and granted them an extra 4%.

In the last ten years the company has revalued almost 1,400% compared to the value per share in 2010, the date on which it stood at $ 124.97.


Source: bancaynegocios

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