US Air Force will use blockchain for data management

The information automation will be done through an association of the Air Force of the North American country and the blockchain company Constellation

The United States advances in the process of automation of data systems of the Air Force through a strategic partnership with the blockchain company Constellation.

Through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the country will automate a large flow of data from this branch of the Armed Forces. Constellation company sources have confirmed that data from drones, airplanes and satellites will be handled.

The security and protection of the “silos” or database of traditionally blocked sources are the main focus of attention in this initiative. In this sense, Constellation will work on “creation, storage and administration for future decision-making. The platform will allow users to manage subsequent data flows with encryption.”

The company must design an interconnection of the data provided by the Armed Forces silos and optimize the interoperability of the so-called “Command and Control of Multiple Domains by the US Air Force.”

The statement also indicates that another function of the blockchain company will be to provide audit trails and general descriptions in real time, focused on data security efficiently.


Source: Infocoin

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