United States requests social media data from visa applicants

The initiative to request the migrants all the information about social networks, name and password of the last 5 years as well as telephone number had been suspended in 2018

The US government issued a statement indicating new data requirements to grant a visa according to a new policy of the State Department.

The statement says: “National security is our main priority when it comes to awarding visa applications, and every possible traveler and immigrant to the United States undergoes an exhaustive security assessment (…) We are constantly working to find mechanisms that improve our selection processes to protect US citizens, while we support legitimate travel to our country.”

It was known that as of today those who request a visa to emigrate or travel to the country must send the following information: username of social networks, telephone numbers, email addresses of the last 5 years.

The measure is part of the “Policy towards visitors” that was postponed in 2018. The current adjustments of the State Department will affect 14.7 million people applying for US visas. every year, except those who ask for official and diplomatic visas.

The change is in addition to the strict measures applied so far, which includes data on the members of the family, “proof of financial security, employment records, previous residence addresses”, as well as evidence that the person does not represent a threat to the US security.


Source: Tekcrispy

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