United States highlights blockchain use after natural disasters

The US Department of Defense says that blockchain technology has great potential to help improve assistance after a natural disaster

The government agency held a meeting earlier this month in Philadelphia to understand how blockchain technology can improve the already successful program of assistance to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria that hit the island in 2017.

The Defense Logistics Agency showed how to improve its current system, in which it tracks logistics processes through centrally managed systems, which makes it impossible for other entities to be involved in the synchronization of information and make sure to track correct and updated information.

According to the report, by using blockchain technology the agency can monitor information and improve its supply chain processes and shipments.

In the same way, the Department of Defense continues working to improve its services within the U.S Transportation Command. For this purpose they will turn to the shipping giant Maersk, who is already allied with IBM to develop a supply chain platform using blockchain.

The North American entity maintains: “We are investigating this technology, we have become as intelligent as we can and as knowledgeable as we can about it. What the industry says about this, how the future will be seen, how it will be applied to supply chains and other industries. We are doing our homework. “


Source: Coincrispy

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