Unicef ​​announces the creation of a cryptocurrency donation fund

The United Nations agency will use the money collected to invest in open source technology for children

The United Nations Children’s Fund, better known as UNICEF, announced that it will now have a special cryptocurrency fund.

As indicated by the agency, this channel will be used to receive donations in digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, others.

The funds are expected to be invested in the development of open source technology for children around the world. Through a statement, the agency stressed that this is the first time that a United Nations branch will bet on the use of cryptocurrencies.

The organization added that the first contributions to the Unicef ​​Cryptocurrency Fund (UCF) come from the Ethereum Fondation and will benefit three Unicef ​​Innovation Fund agencies and a project coordinated by the GIGA Initiative to connect schools around the world throughUnicef ​​announces the creation of a cryptocurrency donation fund

“This is an exciting new venture for UNICEF. If digital currencies and economies are able to transform the lives of future generations, it is important to explore the opportunities they offer. That is why the creation of our Cryptocurrency Fund is a significant step forward and welcome in humanitarian and development work,” said the agency’s Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

Meanwhile, Aya Miyaguchi, the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation, said at a conference in DevCon that the presiding foundation sent 100 eth, approximately $ 18,300 at the time of writing, to the UNICEF cryptocurrency fund, as part of an alliance with this one.

K. Tovar

Source: Agencies

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