Uber works on a function for service request through phone calls

The functionality called Dial-an-Uber will help you request a taxi by dialing the number 1-833-USE-UBER

Uber, recognized as the most efficient taxi company in the United States, is working to expand its services for the benefit of users. In this sense, the company keeps working on a tool that consists of requesting the private transportation service offered by Uber through a phone call.

The service is requested with the Dial-an-Uber function, dialing the number 1-833-USE-UBER where the customer interacts with a customer service person indicating the place where he is going and offering the details to cancel the cost of the service.

Once the call is made, the user will have to wait for a message with the driver’s data that will take him, his name, the ETA and the registration number of the vehicle where the passenger will be transferred.

The intention is to provide an experience of comfort and ease to the client who does not have a smartphone or who finds it difficult to handle the application as the case of the elderly or with a visual impairment.

It is known so far that the function is available in Arizona, although if it turns out to be very useful it could expande to other states of the country.


Source: tekcrispy

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