Twitter launches option to schedule messages from the web version

Users can schedule tweets for the desired date by entering the social network from their desktop computer

Users of the social network Twitter can now schedule the messages in their account for the date, time and with the content they want from the web version. It is an option that has just been activated as an added value in the messaging platform.

When entering their account from their desktop computer, the user can write or paste the message they want to send, be it text, photo or video. At the bottom will appear the icons with which the customer is already familiar, such as photographs, GIF animations, surveys and emojis, in addition to the one corresponding to “Calendar”.

When this icon is activated, a calendar appears with the pertinent data for the date and time of publication. At the top of the screen, in blue, the option “Confirm” appears, where you must click. When you do this, the screen is displayed as usual to send the message, but instead of indicating “Tweet”, “Schedule” appears.

The option to program from the web version also allows you to review the messages that have already been placed in the template. And if the user wishes to modify any of the tweets, he can do so by clicking on the “Edit” option.

This tool is undoubtedly the closest thing to the already known TweetDeck, which can be used from desktop computers and mobile devices. At the moment, however, the new Twitter feature is only available for the web version. From the company they have indicated that they soon hope to include it in the versions for iPhone, iPad and Android.



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