Trust Machine, the new blockchain movie

Alex Winter's documentary will premiere on October 26th at Cinema Village in New York City

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, will arrive at the Cinema Village in New York on October 26th. The documentary does not focus on the price of bitcoin or its links with criminal activity. On the contrary, it analyzes cryptocurrencies and issues related to mining.

The film is narrated by actress Rosario Dawson and focuses mainly on the political aspects of blockchain technology and the reasons why governments and big banks fear it. In the same way, it studies diverse technological applications with potentially deep socio-economic implications, especially those that are elaborated to help improve the lives of unbanked refugees.

The film mainly tells the story of Lauri Love, a British activist and computer scientist who was accused of hacking computers to steal confidential data from NASA, the United States Army and the Missile Defense Agency. He also faced possible extradition to the United States for his alleged participation in a series of online protests that followed the persecution and premature death of Aaron Swartz.

Alex Winter, the director of the documentary, says he is motivated to focus on Love because he likes to make films about people but also about technology. This creates a human face of the technological era in which we are. Winter says “It’s brilliant, contradictory, contentious, not an easy pill to swallow.”


Source: InfoCoin

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