Trump announces sanctions against the Bank of Iran

The US president applied measures against the banking institution in the middle of full tension generated after the attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia

The US president, Donald Trump, announced new sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran, amid the tension caused by the attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia for which Washington holds Tehran responsible.

“These are the greatest sanctions ever imposed against a country,” said Trump, who had threatened this week to increase punitive measures against Iran.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin explained that the new sanctions will cut all sources of funds to Iran, including its sovereign wealth fund.

USA had already imposed sanctions against the central bank and the country’s financial system more generally. Bank assets in the United States are frozen and the institution is subject to secondary penalties.

“It is very bad what is happening with Iran. It is going to hell,” Trump said from the Oval Office, urging the Islamic Republic to abandon “terrorism.” “When they go with everything against us, there is no way to win,” said the president, ensuring that Iran is bankruptcy.

The Trump Administration began reinstating the sanctions against Iran that it had lifted following the signing of the nuclear agreement in 2015 after the president decided to take the country out of the pact in May 2018.

K. Tovar

Source: El País

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