Transactions in bitcoin without Internet connection

The operations will be possible thanks to the incorporation of an optimization proposal called BIP 174

Customers who wish to make transactions in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency can say good bye to the Internet connection as an essential requirement thanks to the incorporation of the proposal BIP 174.

Thanks to the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 174, multi-signature transactions will be a reality through Partially Signatured Transactions (PSBTs).

Andrew Chow is the creator of BIP 174, which will allow transactions in what is known as progressive steps instead of through the use of private keys.

The tests carried out so far with cold wallets have been successful. Customers can use physical connections, such as micro USB cards.

According to spokespersons of the BTC ATM network, transactions with a cold wallet, or not connected to the Internet, will attract more customers and boost the massive use of cryptocurrencies.


Source: TheMoneyNews

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