Toshiba exited the PC market

This means the end of laptop manufacturing and the sale of all its remaining property to Sharp

The Japanese company Toshiba announced that it has permanently abandoned the personal computer market, which also means the end of the manufacture of notebooks and the sale of all its remaining property to the Sharp company.

In the case of the Asian company, they decided to leave the market two years ago and this materialized with the sale of 80.1% of their personal computers division to Sharp, however, they recently announced the latest decision.

The result of this acquisition by Sharp was the evolution of Toshiba notebooks to the Dynabook brand. Under their new name, they launched several models on the market while maintaining 19.9% ​​of control.

However, among the terms of the contract, Sharp reserved the right to acquire the remaining 19.9% ​​after a specified period. This was completed at the end of June this year.

The Japanese manufacturer’s journey in the personal computer market began in style with the arrival of the T1100 in 1985. This laptop had only 256 KB of RAM and its LCD screen reached only 640 x 200 pixels of resolution. However, it was a milestone and marked some of the lines to follow in the next few years as far as PC is concerned.

Source: doblellave

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