TOFU content for inbound strategies

Placing an article in the "Top of the Funnel" is one of the best options to attract users to the conversion

Currently there are numerous marketers  who optimize conversion processes as well as great techniques in their articles in order to attract certain users towards conversion.

Positioning an article in the “Top of the Funnel” is to provide it with a series of characteristics that make users enter and read the articles end up being part of the process since behind the theme of the article there is a strategy that It is part of the study of potential users and the content of the blog.

If it is possible to cause impact with an article susceptible to the demanding population. This will allow preparing the content that serves as a prelude to the customer journey or that is a direct part of a conversion process.

A clear example are Amazon’s affiliate niches, which are full of comparison tables, huge descriptions, product sheets within the same items and countless CTAs that lead to the store.

This process is more sophisticated than making an affiliate niche, although it is also a very feasible tool. If you have an affiliation website, applying this strategy can be very helpful.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

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