TikTok opens its code and urges the competition to do the same

The company has announced new transparency measures including disclosure of its application code

TikTok has announced new transparency measures that include the disclosure of its application code, a step with which it faces the scrutiny to which it has been subjected in the United States and with which it urges the industry to follow its example.

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer has defended the role of innovation as one of the defining characteristics of the competitive market, as well as the role that the application has had in reinventing what is meant by an entertainment platform.

This, says the manager, has brought competition like Reels, from Facebook and linked to Instagram, but points out that “fair competition makes us all better”, as stated in a publication on the official TikTok blog.

In this sense, Mayer has defended the need for responsibility and accountability. As he explains, the industry has received scrutiny, but TikTok has received it to a greater extent “due to the company’s Chinese origins.”

Mayer has ensured that the entire industry must be held to an exceptionally high standard, and therefore believes that all companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies and data flows to regulators.

Sources: DPA

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