Threema, instant messaging application with greater security

The patented and developed instant messaging application in Switzerland, end-to-end encryption for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, claims to be 100% secure and does not compromise user information

This messaging service provides great advances in digital security, keeping the data of those who use the application out of reach of hackers, companies and the government.

In addition, it can be used completely anonymously, make calls, video calls and send encrypted files from end to end. It also has additional functions such as voice memos, location and surveys, which makes Threema a desirable option and with high quality technology.

One of the advantages of this app is to be free of advertising and publicity, considering this point one of the most important, because the banners are the main element used by the intruders of the web to violate privacy.

Each user will have a random ID which will prevent the application from storing personal information such as addresses or telephone numbers. In general, the application has all the demanding population needs in the use of the messaging service, with a strong link to digital security.


Source: tekcrispy

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