Theresa May resigns and will leave office on June 7th

The process to elect her successor as the leader of the Conservative Party and Head of Government will start this very day

British Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned and her resignation will be effective on June 7th. That day will begin the process to elect her successor in the party and the government of the United Kingdom.

After completing her speech, the authority broke into tears and said she will always regret “deeply” not having been able to “execute brexit“.

In the meantime, May will remain as acting prime minister while she chooses someone new to fill the position. The representative announced her decision in a statement before the official Downing Street residence and after meeting with the president of her parliamentary group to determine her political future.

“Soon I will leave the work that for me has been the honor of my life: to serve,” she said. Second prime minister? obviously I will not be the last “she said with a broken voice”. Theresa May proclaimed her “enormous gratitude” for having had the opportunity to “serve the country” she loves.

In recent days May had managed to hold onto the leadership despite strong internal pressure to renounce. In addition, she suffered a severe blow when deputies and ministers expressed their opposition to her attempt to get the approval of the brexit agreement.


Source: Público

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