The Zilliqa wallet can be managed with Google

The platform offers several options to create a wallet thanks to the service provided by Torus

The blockchain Zilliqa (ZIL) has announced the launch of the new wallet that bears the same company name and will be managed through Google’s credentials through the service provided by Torus.

The integration allows you to manage authentication in a decentralized way when creating a wallet. It can be defined as a key management solution because it is a true “Distributed Key Generation” protocol that allows the various applications and dApps to access the system through OAuth and, therefore, use all the credentials of an account.

For the login you can access from different platforms such as: Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, Apple, GitHub, LinkedIn, Weibo among others. The well established and functional system is enabled in different tools such as: Etherscan, Matic, Binance, ENS (Ethereum Name Service), Zilliqa and Ontology.

Access with Google

After logging in with Google, a window will appear where you can link the account, later the user is reminded that private keys will not be stored or transmitted over the network.

Once the Google account is connected, the user will be linked with an address through which the wallet will be managed. This step allows you to use any browser. Currently the ZIL price works well, although during the cryptocurrency collapse in March it had a decrease of $ 0.002, while now it is located at $ 0.02, representing an increase of 900%.


Source: criptoinforme

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