The technology will become foldable

The large companies manufacturing innovative equipment are working on the feature that will make a difference from now on

The big companies of the technological sector, after many limitations imposed for the incentive of the advances, are practically prepared to approach what will be the innovative characteristic of the new era, the folding.

It is expected that in the coming months some will start making announcements regarding mobile phones with the ability to fold. Several brands for years have been working tirelessly to present a stable prototype that can then reach the hands of the final consumer.

One of those that allegedly has advanced more in this aspect is Samsung, which already had planned to announce the Galaxy F, a device that will come equipped with this peculiar feature.

It is speculated that the announcement will take place next month or in November, although it is also assumed that the product would not reach the market until 2019. What seems clear is that in the next Mobile World Congress the role will correspond to this type of screens and devices.

The second on the list is Huawei, the manufacturer that is already part of this battle in view that already by mid-2019 would be launching its own folding equipment.

The collapsible devices will bring great benefits for the users, one of them is the saving of space in view that when bending it will reduce its dimensions. On the other hand, this would stop the loss of popularity of smartphones, which have already reached saturation in the markets of the first world.

K. Tovar

Source: El País

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