The number of Bitcoin ATMs installed in the world increases

During the first days of June, 882 Bitcoin ATMs were installed in the world

The number of Bitcoin ATMs installed in the world is around 38,000 in the first half of 2024. During the first ten days of June, 882 ATMs were installed.

The deepening adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world has led to the installation of ATMs for transactions with these assets. The United States concentrates 87.9% of the total, with 33,403 units.

Countries such as El Salvador, which adopted bitcoin as legal tender, encourage the increase in the installation of BTC ATMs, where the manufacturers Genesis Coin (40.9 %), General Bytes (21.6 %), BitAccess ( 16.1 %), Coinsource (5.4 %) and Bitstop (4.8 %).

According to data collected by the Coin ATM Radar in the last two months, “an average of almost 23 bitomats are installed around the world every day.”

Analysts wonder if the fall in the price of Bitcoin could lead to a decrease in ATMs in the world. However, it seems that it would not be this way, given the current interest of large investors in acquiring cryptocurrencies.


With information from international media

(Reference image: GENERAL BYTES on Unsplash)

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