The FED will grant money to support companies and consumers

The US Federal Reserve announced that it will support this groups with some 300,000 million dollars

This Monday, the United States Federal Reserve announced that it will support the flow of credit to employers, consumers and companies with a contribution of $ 300 billion.

The agency stressed that in the coming days it will publish the program that will be in charge of granting direct credits to small and medium-sized companies that have been affected by the coronavirus.

Through a statement, the FED indicated that “aggressive efforts” should be made for the public and private sectors, in order to mitigate losses.

“Aggressive efforts must be made in both the public and private sectors to limit job and income losses as well as to promote a rapid recovery once shocks subside,” they said.

The FED has watered cash markets and increased support since the coronavirus spread to the United States. The measures announced include support for recent student loans, auto loans, and credit card debt, as well as small business loans.

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