The exchanges are hackable with minimal effort

A study conducted in New York highlighted that companies have a large gap in cybersecurity

A recent study by the New York cybersecurity company BLAKFX recently indicated that most cryptocurrency exchanges have large security gaps.

This causes the vast majority of them to be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Robert Statica, president of BLAKFX, stressed that “cryptocurrency exchanges can be hacked with the minimum of effort and expense”.

The report states that the hacking process is similar to the one applied to the banks, especially in cases where cryptocurrencies are linked.

In the last two months of this year, the media reported that several exchange houses in Japan and South Korea were victims of cyber attacks with losses valued at 500 million dollars.

The research highlighted that one of the main problems of this gap lies in the lack of investment in the area of ​​cybersecurity. This issue has triggered alerts from government agencies in Japan and South Korea, as well as other dozens of nations.

K. Tovar

Source: Cryptostale

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