The European Commission to sanction Meta for non-compliance with the Digital Markets Law

The demand for payments to Facebook and Instagram users by Meta in exchange for their data not being tracked and not receiving advertising has put the European Commission on alert, which has threatened a fine if it does not offer a free alternative

The European Commission analyzes whether Meta fails to comply with the new Digital Markets Law in the region because the company requests payment from subscribers to not receive advertising and the non-tracking of their data.

Since last November, Meta launched a paid subscription to European users. To comply with the requirements of the Digital Markets Law, it would have to offer a free alternative.

According to data on this paid subscription, it is known that “in the computer versions the price of the plan rises to 10 euros per month, while for the app versions on iOS and Android the price rises to 13 euros.”

The European Commission issued a statement highlighting that both Meta options require users to “give consent to the combination of their personal data and do not provide them with a less personalized but equivalent version of Meta social networks.” With this, the company would be violating the DMA in at least 27 countries of the bloc, given that it establishes limits to exercise “your right of free consent for your data to be tracked for advertising purposes.”

The EC has proposed that those users who do not give their consent should have a third alternative that uses less personal data for advertising reception settings.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: in Unsplash)

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