The blockchain technology will continue being trend in 2019

Latin America will witness this year the evolution of this aspect that has come to the world to improve security systems, and other things

The year 2018 was marked by the evolution of blockchain technology, an aspect that came hand in hand with cryptocurrencies and that is called by itself to be the key to many governments and companies to grow in terms of security.

As the challenges come, both in the economic and social areas, the entities responsible for their solution increasingly adopt the block chain as a key element to solve and grow even more.

Many assure that this 2019 will be marked by the “institutionalization” and “monetization” of the blockchain throughout the world. The blockchain technology will be among the top 10 strategic trends to be considered within the industrial and government sectors.

The exchanges will continue with their evolution thanks to the blockchain

Despite the downward trend presented by the cryptocurrency market in recent months, the popularity of these assets has not been affected to a large extent, so it can be predicted a growth of its users, mainly in Latin America.

The exchange companies will then seek to reinvent themselves and create strategies that can satisfy the needs of their consumers in terms of technology and security, and what better than the blockchain to encourage such growth.

Despite the regulations that many probably consider as an inconvenience, the exchanges should continue betting on decentralized schemes to provide better products and services, greater liquidity and portability, among others.

One of the main hopes of the followers is in the reduction of the commissions in the cryptocurrency market; this 2019 could also bring improvements in this aspect.

The Multisectorial Consortium could take flight to Latin America

It is expected that the figure of the Multisectorial Consortium, which originated in Europe as a collaborative and safe entity for companies, academies and governments, will reach Latin America, with destinations such as Mexico and the United States.

The objective is to create an ecosystem that is as efficient as possible, and that can ensure full compliance with the legal and financial rights and obligations of the operations.

In the coming years the harvests of this idea will be seen, which is largely linked to the blockchain, the tests in Europe and other regions have brought very positive results.

Cryptocurrencies will be driven thanks to blockchain technology

While it is clear that bitcoin will maintain its title as the cryptocurrency that will mark the trend again, or at least that is expected, the growth of blockchain technology has helped birth and develop the so-called “altocoins”.

2019 will be a year in which many will seek to test how is their movement and evolution within the market, especially those that have an “added value”.

There is also the case of the ripple, the “cryptocurrency dear” by States and entities, an asset that has had an interesting breakthrough during the 12 months of this year.

It is also expected the arrival of investment portfolios and derivatives thereof for many regions of Latin America.

The combination of blockchain technology and others will be key

In 2018 the mix of blockchain technology was observed with other trends such as the Internet of Things, analytics, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

All this arose in order to improve the customer experience and improve the prediction of sales for consumption.

The role of blockchain technology is fundamental in this aspect because it is the necessary element to guarantee privacy for the volume of data that must be managed.

Governments will put more interest to offer greater security

Governments, in some cases, have been reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies within financial markets although this has not happened with blockchain technology.

Every day is observed in developed countries the mixture of emerging technologies with public policies, something that represents important challenges for the rulers.

The computer generation has undoubtedly been a great ally to improve the efficiency of the management and now, with the use of blockchain technology would add the element of security that was missing and that would generate greater welfare in the population.

In this 2019, and the following years, the world will witness the prominence of blockchain technology within the tax, customs, public procurement and other areas.

Latin America will not be left behind, despite not keeping pace with the other regions, little by little it has been adapting to the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

K. Tovar

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