The bitcoin is positioned at USD 6,000

The cryptocurrency dawned on Tuesday May 7 almost the highest value it has reached during this 2019

This Tuesday the cryptocurrencies of the world dawned again on the rise, the main novelty being the arrival of bitcoin at USD 6,000.

During the last hours, the investors have realized negotiations calculated at about 17 million dollars, whereas the market of capitalization surpasses the 105 million dollars.

At the moment, bitcoin has a dominance of 55.8% of the market of 2,156 cryptocurrencies, which has a total capitalization of 188 billion dollars.

The rest of cryptocurrencies also showed a raise: ethereum attained a value of  177.66 dollars, xrp rose by 1.30% and the bitcoin cash by 3.15%.

On the other hand, the stablecoin tether, which was involved in the scandal of bitfinex, is bearish trend unlike the rest of the digital currencies.

K. Tovar

Source: Diairo Bitcoin

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