Telegram prepares to integrate a video editor

The update also includes the ability to add stickers to photos

The instant messaging application, Telegram, has released a new update on its platform that consists of the implementation of a video and image editor, improved GIFs, and the application of stickers to photos or videos that are sent from the platform.

The new tools allow users of the application to configure the videos by making adjustments to brightness, contrast and saturation, which can be controlled manually and individually. However, they have the option to make corrections automatically.

Animated gifs

The other novelty of the platform are the most prominent GIFs popularly used on Telegram. The emoji sections that offer GIFs for ideograms are also maintained.

This option offers the possibility of adding stickers to static photos by clicking on the photo from the platform or after being imported from the gallery. Then the image changes to GIF format and is sent to the recipient.

The flexibility in the use of folders is also part of the update in the social network. Now you can save any conversation and still have it in the chat. However, the company continues to work to launch other tools in the near future to celebrate the 400 million users reached by the application.


Source: tekcrispy

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