Telegram integrates voice chats to its platform

This adds one more element to continue the conversation through chats

The Telegram messaging service has introduced voice chats, a type of conversation that works in parallel with communication through text and multimedia elements within group chats, with a capacity for “a few thousand” participants.

Any existing group chat on Telegram can be turned into a voice chat, as the company states on its official blog. This adds one more element to continue the conversation, through chats.

Voice chats are integrated into group chats, where users can start a conversation with the new dedicated bar, while other members can enter and exit it whenever they want.

Groups that have an active voice chat will see a new bar showing who is speaking and the number of participants. When joining, the user can intervene at any time, and even mute the microphone with the controls that will be displayed. “They can accommodate a few thousand participants,” as the company notes.

On Android, voice chats have a floating widget that allows you to follow the conversation even with Telegram in the background.

Source: dpa

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