Technology as a powerful ally of education

Multiple applications allow learning with fun thanks to innovation. Students and teachers work at their own pace and, best of all, with fun

Education currently obtains extensive benefits from new technologies. Teaching dynamics can be done remotely, assignments or tasks can be done more dynamically. Students use the smartphone or tablet to interact with their teachers and classmates.

Digitization has taken over the education system. Today, all levels of education include both subjects on technologies and tools – as far as possible – to cover the course program and use them both in the classroom and at home.

Various applications lead children, youngsters and adults in the performance of their work and allow them to learn with fun. Today, concepts such as cloud, DropBox, OneDrive, virtual classroom, Edmodo, Moodle, Google Classroom, are common.

The connection between the teacher and the student is freer inside and outside the school through the Learning Management System (LMS) – as this modality is defined – that takes advantage of the taste (addiction) of the youngest by smartphones and tablets.

The teacher has more freedom to manage the assingments, carry on students follow up, send them material, establish debates and discussions via chat. The cloud “has become a basic tool for the teacher and for the student: it allows you remote access the notes and study resources you need to pass a subject.”

The new technologies allow a more dynamic, easy and fun teaching. Thanks to new programs and applications children are more spontaneous and self-confident. In addition, educators can restructure the teaching methodology, with resources such as videoconferences, surveys, contests to keep children interested and motivated.



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