Technological trends for 2019

Carlos Jiménez, Venezuelan specialist in trends and electronic business, argues that there are some difficulties in selecting those technological trends that will impact the business and life of people in the short term

Indeed, the novelty is impressive, but the lack of practical applications and the ability to solve specific problems can cause them to be relegated for another time.

Some of these technologies are intimately related, as is the case with the Internet of Things and cloud computing. This means that sometimes they sound repetitive or that they have to group together in order to better express their market potential.

Carlos Jiménez, lecturer and Venezuelan author specialized in trends and electronic business, proposes 5 digital trends for the year 2019, based on criteria such as its potential short-term impact on business and its ability to solve problems.

Among the preferences selected is data analytics. The author points out that the analysis of the data will become a necessary condition to compete in the market. In second place is the voice recognition, that is, each time less will be written and the devices will be spoken more.

Also video streaming is incorporated into the tastes that are already democratizing access to information at another level. Artificial Intelligence continues, to which the possible displacement of labor is attributed.

And last, but not least, is augmented reality (AR). In a market where consumers want to participate and live experiences with brands, the AR has a lot to contribute.


Source: Finanzas Digital

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