Technological transformation: A step between Venezuela today and tomorrow

Speakers of the technological area are prepared to guide on good practices in the use of digital tools during the forum in the Unimet

Within the framework of the “Technological Transformation in Venezuela Today” forum, speakers and representatives of the technological area are preparing to guide and promote good practices in the use of digital tools, a matter of maximum utility for all people in the present, and specially for advanced students, new professionals and executives of the sector, who will have the opportunity to show and exchange experiences.

The event will take place at the Metropolitan University (Unimet), in Caracas, on November 7th and will have the participation of about eight experts in the role of speakers.

Among those who will say “present” to the event include, Lino Simoes, general manager of Más Que Digital (MQD) and Más Que Seguridad (MQS), who said he felt honored to be part of this program proposed by the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce (CVBC) through its Committee on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Lino Simoes, manager of MQD and MQS, invites to bet on Venezuela

“Through our organizations we want to help rescue and strengthen the values ​​of the technological companies that continue to bet on our country. We want to guide with respect to good practices, as well as create new potential and value from this. We want to feel good in the Venezuela we love and simply transform ourselves to improve, to advance more. It’s about learning to do things in a different way and thus locate ourselves at the forefront, like other Latin American countries.

Simoes said that MQD and MQS are betting on Venezuela. “Our value is to believe; we believe that we, Venezuelans, can get to transform technology and put it at the service of economic and social development, where high density innovation is generated for the benefit of all.”

For his part, Edwin Oricco, senior manager specialist in cybersecurity of PwC Venezuela, explains that technology alone is not a solution, and that any technological solution must have a purpose, that is why during its presentation in the forum, he will detail how to find opportunities within the risks.

Edwin Oricco, cybersecurity manager of PwC, appreciates the support of Unimet

This type of forum allows knowing all that is the latest technology and how it is being used worldwide to try to solve local problems. For us, one of our goals is to generate those ideas and encouragement in small entrepreneurs, so they get out of any way of everyday problems through technology, well used,” said Oricco.

Oricco from PwC, pointed out that nowadays technology arrives in a quicker and easier way to young people, due to the radical advancement of digital tools, and this is where it is important to highlight the support of the academy, of Unimet, which opens its doors for the realization of this event on its campus.

Towards the creation of young knowledge

“Venezuela is a country that has always been able to be at the forefront of technology and for nobody is a secret that we are making progress in this. And the fact of taking these subjects to a high studies institution contributes and generates -in a faster way- the capture of knowledge and its connection with them. It is there where a part of the professionals of the future of the country is being formed.”

For the specialist in cybersecurity, a knowledge bubble is being created in Venezuela today, “we bet from our experience in technological issues to the performance and development of a whole knowledge factory within our youth. And thus open up roads of entrepreneurship and search for the solutions we need so much for Venezuela.”

Likewise, Fernando Durán, from Ávila-Go, said that from his organization they argue that E-Commerce (or electronic commerce) can guarantee that companies achieve a maximum accelerator through technology.

Fernando Durán, from Ávila-Go, points out that technology and its correct application is being a fundamental engine for development

But understanding that “technology alone does not guarantee success; a similar effort should be done, focusing on innovation and efficiency in the physical world, as in many international markets, where a digital work line is required and applied after physical optimization “, commented Durán.

In the same way, he pointed out that technology is a fundamental motor for Venezuela, given that exporting services is one of the main elements in the face of the difficulties that secondary sectors have.

“Carrying out this forum at the Metropolitan University allows us to coincide with valuable teachers who are guiding the future of the country (…) and to discuss and exchange experiences on new processes to make the companies more productive and much more efficient the enterprises, with technology adapted from the start”.

The convener and organizer of the forum, Venezuelan-Britich Chamber of Commerce, together with Fedeuropa, is a non-profit organization that works on behalf of its members to strengthen bilateral commercial relations between the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

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Source: El Sumario

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