Taringa will create its own reward token

The initiative of the social network seeks to grant rewards to content creators

The Argentine social network Taringa is studying the creation of its own token to give users rewards for the creation and publication of posts on the platform. The dynamics will be subject to rules and will be handled under control measures.

To get the rewards, the first step is to subscribe to the channel. Then, users should create a publication, comment a post, as well as vote, report and moderate. It is important to note that the administrators are the only ones who can establish the payments for the interactions in the channels.

The idea of ​​launching an own token to decentralize the platform and promote a sustainable economy was born in 2017. The developers hope to soon have the figure of rewards to those who decide to subscribe to the channel.

Currently, Taringa has more than 27 million users, who by launching their own token can select the channel of their choice to start online interactions.

Subscribers can know the preferences of other users, make comments, share content and vote according to their tastes. Of course, they will also be able to report the posts if they consider it pertinent.


Source: Coincrispy

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