Stanford University opens blockchain study center

It is integrated by a remarkable group of startups and organizations of the crypto community

Stanford University, in California, United States, announced the creation of a blockchain technology research center, focused on related topics and benefits as well as applications in all spheres of academic and professional life.

The center has the support and sponsorship of the Ethereum Foundation, OmiseGO, Protocol Labs, Interchain Foundation, DFINITY Stiftung and Polichain Capital. It is integrated by a group of qualified experts in the crypto universe. It is managed by the academics of the computer science area, Dan Boneh and David Mazières.

After the announcement of the creation of the center it was also known that another inaugural faculty will include computer scientists Alex Aiken, David Dill, John Mitchell, Tim Roughgarden as well as law professor Joe Grundfest.

In this way they hope to cover the different aspects for the study of blockchain technology, such as the regulatory framework, software and hardware, as well as the practical area of ​​application of blockchain systems. In this sense, the faculty have indicated that they will offer courses on blockchain for students at the end of five years of university studies.

The educational center showed the enthusiasm of all those involved in the possibilities of this technology for the decentralization of financial transactions, as well as the elimination of barriers between the actors of the crypto ecosystem.


Source: Infocoin

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