Stadia Premiere edition is already in the market

Google released the new streaming video game service pack which includes remote control and Chromecast without subscription

Google has launched the new physical pack for its streaming video game service Stadia, the Premiere Edition, which for a lower price of 99.99 euros includes the Stadia remote and a Chromecast but not the subscription to the Stadia service Pro.

Until now, the Stadia Premiere Edition packs were priced at 129.99 euros and included a three-month free subscription to the Stadia Pro service, in addition to the Stadia remote and a Chromecast Ultra to be able to play from the TV without the need for console.

Now, Google has decided to lower the price of this Premiere Edition to 99.99 euros, removing the three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, as the company shows in its official store.

Instead, users can sign up for Google’s video game streaming service on their own, which currently offers a one-month free trial and priced at $ 9.99 a month thereafter.

Source: dpa

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