Spotify released the beta version for children

The new app is available in the United Kingdom and Australia, without ads and completely secure

As reported by the Swedish multiplatform, Spotify, the stable version of Spotify Kids is now available, an entertainment option for the enjoyment of the kids that provides a completely secure platform without announcement.

The new mobile app for Android and iOS, available in the United Kingdom and Australia, has a data encryption security system and only one user name is required to enter the application, if desired.

The Swedish company ensures that this new interactive tool is committed to the safety of its users and claims to maintain an environment totally dedicated to children, from the themes of the playlists to the security levels that will keep the encrypted data.

Spotify describes the tool as a “walled garden”, because the system is protected against any attempt to filter malicious data, ensuring that from pop charts to lullaby lists go through a series of filters to ensure that the content is appropriate to the age of the subscribers.

It is important to mention that despite being a free version, only the subscription of users attached to the Premium version is allowed, which guarantees that it is free of ads. Similarly, the Spotify Kids version also has an ideal algorithm for mapping in the playlist according to the age of children or young people.


Source: tekcrispy

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