Spain will carry out the first Hackathon DeFi

The appointment is scheduled for the month of October and will take place at Crypto Plaza, Madrid

Spain is preparing to receive the Spanish-speaking technology community at the first Hackathon DeFi event, in order to connect with global DeFi projects (MakerDAO, Balancer, Unslashed) and boost work in an area that they foresee will be strategic for global finance.

The activity is scheduled to take place at Crypto Plaza (Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz 38, Madrid) from October 9 to 11 with the presence of: Mariano Conti, Head of Smart Contracts at MakerDAO; Eneko Knörr, Investor of the Year 2019 (NY Summit); Hsin-Ju C., founder of Dystopia Labs; Alberto G. Toribio, specialist in financial innovation and ambassador of Crypto Plaza, among other judges indicated by the company.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance, better known as DeFi, refers to a monetary system that is used by public blockchains. This initiative arises from the low availability of financial services for everyone.

Currently almost 1.7 billion people globally do not have access to these services and financial institutions do not have the necessary infrastructure for people to have greater availability of money.

DeFi has established itself as an important use on blockchain and the projects are growing. As open structures, the global community is developing on these protocols different financial solutions that are expected to be the future of the financial sector.


Source: cointelegraph

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