Sony to launch foldable smartphone with three sensors

This year the folding smartphones came to stay and Sony wants a slice of the cake so it has filed a patent to design a mobile to strike the market

The purpose of the brand is to create a mobile screen as large as possible; the best style of a tablet that can be folded to carry it more comfortably.

In 2019 people witnessed the arrival of the first two major devices of this new market; the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X 5G. Although both have the same purpose, the approach is different for each of them.

A license recently discovered by the German website LetsGoDigital revealed that Sony is working on a smartphone with three next-generation sensors. The document describes a temperature sensor, an acceleration sensor and a pressure sensor.

The pressure sensor would be in charge of detecting the force that the user applies on the screen, something similar to the 3D touch technology that some iPhones have, which allows access to different options depending on the way the screen is pressed.

The temperature sensor would have the ability to measure the temperature of users from the touches of the screen. With respect to the layout of the screen, the patent reveals that the screen will be ready to fold outward, very similar to what happens with the Mate X.


Source:  Tekcrispy

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