Sony developed a digital rights system using blockchain

Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, has developed an innovative digital rights management system based on blockchain. It will encourage digital content producers to prove they are the authors

Sony created a new digital rights management system, which will be launched soon and will help producers of digital content such as electronic books, music, games or videos to prove that they are the authors. The system will administer the information by citing the educational content as a primary use case.

The consortium says that as the management of content rights is being carried out largely manually by industry organizations or by the creators themselves and their new tool is designed to make that process faster and more efficient.

Similarly, using the platform, participants can share and verify data such as the date and time of creation and the details of the author. The signature will also automatically verify the generation of rights of a written work.

Sony is now considering the possible commercialization of the system as a service. Which is based on digital content, such as electronic books, music, video and virtual reality content.

The company is no stranger to blockchain innovation and has recently submitted project requests that include authentication of user data and educational data management.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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