Solidarity with the displaced, a sensitive issue

Blockchain technology with little-known human applications

One aspect that is perhaps not highly promoted in the applications of blockchain technology is the creation of platforms to provide various types of assistance to displaced, refugees and those excluded from the financial systems, identification programs, banking or employment.

The inclusion of these citizens is a challenge for developing countries. Curiously, despite the current global crisis in terms of food, income distribution, literacy, there are good news. It is about the creation of tools based on blockchain technology for humanitarian aid.

A relevant example is, which works with Bitcoins and Ethers, and which seeks to establish a global market with more opportunities for the empowerment of individuals, development and growth, as well as the independence of the is another platform that develops a digital and mobile identification for refugees that cannot be falsified, verification of the skills they have for a potential job, the development of payment infrastructures without the possibility of fraud, among others. Undoubtedly, these are laudable initiatives welcomed by the displaced and refugees.



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