Snapchat adds music to videos, similar to TikTok

The feature is launched to insert music into short snippets in users' videos

The social network Snapchat has begun to test in a limited way a function with which allows users to add music to videos short films they publish, similar to the musicals of the video social network TikTok.

The feature, which has been tested in New Zealand since Monday and Australia will allow adding “a customized and edited catalog of music “, of which short fragments will be inserted in the videos of the users, a company spokesperson has told TechCrunch.

For this, Snapchat has established agreements with various labels Musicals, including Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell, Universal Music Publishing Group, NMPA, Merlin and others.

When users receive music posts, the platform will allow them to swipe up to view information about the song, artist and album. It will also allow you to listen to the song Complete on Spotify, Apple Music or SoundCloud.

Snapchat has announced that the new feature, which is currently on testing phase will launch in English-speaking countries next fall.

Source: dpa

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