Smart Protection sets 5.2 million euros for its expansion process

The Spanish company can expand in the international market and continue with the development of its Artificial Intelligence technology

In a round of financing series A, the Spanish startup Smart Protection dedicated to combat online piracy and counterfeiting has achieved 5.2 million euros that will allow it to expand in the international market and continue with the development of Artificial Intelligence technology applied to protection of assets on the Internet.

As the co-founder of Smart Protection, Manuel Moregal said through a statement: “This is the best possible scenario, a time when AI technologies have matured enough and maximize the efficiency of the infraction detection process.”

This company with only 3 years in the market has managed to consolidate firm solutions in those companies of intellectual or industrial property rights that distribute content or products online. Thanks to the agreements established with Google and the main social networks, Smart Protection can eliminate links that lead to pirated content or forgery. Currently, the startup has unlinked more than 11 million links on Google.

Javier Perea, one of the co-founder and CEO of Smart Protection, siad with this platform and its protection services “we reduce the losses in sales of our customers and protect the reputation of their brands against the actions of cybercriminals.”

For his part, Jordi Vinas, general partner of Nauta Capital commented: “Smart Protection has developed a worldwide technology platform capable of eliminating illegal content from the Internet efficiently, surpassing other competitors that have reached significant investment figures. From our first interaction with the company, we were impressed by its history and its human team. We look forward to working together on the mission of making Smart Protection the anti-piracy reference platform on the Internet.”


Source: marketing4ecommerce

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