Sirin Labs launches blockchain smartphone

The Israeli startup developed a blockchain smartphone called Finney

The presales of the Finney device opened in November and finally came on the market with a value of US $ 999 per unit. So far it has raised more than 150 million dollars through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Also, Sirin Labs revealed its new store will not only sell its flagship project, but will also serve as a center for crypto community enthusiasts in London.

Another store will open in Tokyo on a date yet to be defined and the company plans to make agreements with local retailers in other markets such as New York.

The decision of the company to launch its first retail store in London is partly due to the large crypto community of the city but also thanks to the position it holds as one of the main technological centers in Europe.

Finney accessories such as sweatshirts, sweaters, T-shirts and hats alluding to the device will also be sold at stores.


Source: Coincrispy

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