Silicon Valley offers training for students to fight crypto scams

The cryptographic research and analysis company CipherTrace allied with several universities to create the “League of Defenders” of cryptocurrencies

The CipherTrace company, based in the San Francisco Bay of California, announced on Monday the creation of a training program for university students called the “Defenders League” with the aim of combating scams in the cryptocurrency market.

The idea came about thanks to the alliances close by the company with different universities, among which are: the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey, the University of Middlesex in London and the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF).

According to information provided by the DiarioBitcoin news portal, the League of Defenders will initially be composed of graduates from the aforementioned houses of study, as well as BAF students at nine universities in California who will have the mission to help create a stronger economy and promote a safer cryptographic ecosystem.

Work dynamics will be carried out through financial research software, with which each student could enter the CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence range of tools and analyze blockchain networks to track more than 800 currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Binance, among others.

According to the initiative Pam Clegg, director of research and education at CipherTrace stressed that the company has experienced “a significant increase in requests for research and analytical support for cases of fraud and theft. The League of Defenders of CipherTrace will be an elite body of students whose goal will be to produce intelligence and actionable evidence that can be used to recover stolen funds and, ultimately, prosecute the criminal actors responsible for the losses.”

K. Villarroel

Source: diariobitcoin

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