Sierra Leone launches national digital identification system

The National Platform of Digital Identity based on blockchain is the first in all of Africa and will allow a registry of the 7 million inhabitants of Sierra Leone to respond to their needs

The president of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, recently presented the first National Digital Identity Platform, a pioneer of its kind throughout Africa.

The initiative, based on blockchain technology and that works with the Kiva Protocol, is the result of an alliance between the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNDCF), the Development Program of this organization (UNDP) and Kiva. The National Civil Registry Authority is also involved in the development of the platform.

During the announcement, the president of the African country stressed that the platform is “focused on promoting a change in the landscape of financial inclusion of the inhabitants of the region and providing opportunities for the unbanked population.”

The platform will allow the digital registration of the 7 million inhabitants of Sierra Leone in the National Digital Identity Platform that was proposed in 2018 before the General Assembly of the United Nations.

“The objective of the initiative is to provide a official identification system to the inhabitants of Sierra Leone, where 80% of citizens do not have access to an identification system. In addition, it will allow the population to access financial systems, obtain loans and establish credit histories,” said President Julius Maada Bio.

With this initiative public sector will be able to verify the identity of the companies and institutions that require loans or financing, in addition to promoting investment. The government may also identify the needs of farmers, people with disabilities, women and youngsters, in order to provide them with a timely and effective response.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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