Scientists change the future of the human specie

The news of the week has been the birth in China of two twins whose DNA, supposedly, has been genetically edited by CRISPR

Jiankui He, professor at the University of Science and Technology of South Shenzhen in Chinaand his team genetically altered fifteen embryos of nine voluntary couples to get embryos with the desired mutation.

According to the staff, the first successful pregnancy was completed during the month of November 2018 and the second will be completed in the coming months.

The intervention tried to override the CCR5 receptor gene that has a very close relationship with the T cells of the immune system.

That is, people who have two copies of the delta32 mutation are resistant to HIV. It is a well-known variant because some experts consider it one of the ten safest modifications if you want to start improving genetically human beings.

The result, according to the researchers, has not been entirely successful, because only one of the girls has the complete edition, the other is a genetic mosaic. But if it is confirmed to be true, we will be facing the first case of human improvement, a line that until now nobody had dared to cross.


Source: Xataka

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