Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in September

The company ensures that all the problems of its screen have been corrected and the device has an estimated launch date next September

Galaxy Fold was one of the protagonists of the Mobile World Congress held in February in Barcelona. It was presented a few days before the event and could hardly be seen behind a glass in the celebration. However, along with Huawei Mate X it was the device that generated the most expectation.

But the inconveniences came when the Korean firm began to yield the first test units, shortly before its official launch.

Some journalists had problems with the screen, which stopped working if a protective panel was removed that looked like simply a plastic placed to protect the screen from scratches or falls; not a basic piece for its operation.

In other cases, lumps appeared under the screen after dust particles were introduced through one of the folds. Evidently, Samsung was forced to indefinitely delay the launch of its phone.

The firm explains in a statement that the protective layer “has extended beyond the bezel, making it clear that it is an integral part of the screen structure and should not be removed.” Also, “additional reinforcements for better protection of the device against external particles” have been incorporated.

In September, when the Galaxy Fold arrives on the market, it will have to compete with another Samsung’s equipment, the Note 10. The temporary coincidence was not planned in February.

L. Saenz

Source: El Mundo

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