Samsung develops new chargers for mobile equipment

The company announced the creation of two driver chips for mobile device chargers

The renowned firm is developing two chips for smartphone chargers that allow a charge of up to 100W. They also contain a security element that conditions the use of charging cables that are not updated.

The innovative chips comply with the latest USB specification for fast charging, which is intended to reach the optimal amount of energy and achieve a more efficient supply to update the firmware to cover all requirements.

Samsung announced the launch of two new type C USB input chargers and the models are the SE8A and the MM101. The plugs allow a fast charge up to 100W against the usual 10W of the current mobile chargers.

The MM101 loader supports a systematic encryption algorithm for product authentication, including the ability to detect humidity, ensuring safer conditions when loading.

For its part, the SE8A has a built-in secure element that provides additional protection measures such as the storage of security keys and the encryption and decoding of confidential data.


Source: Bolsamanía

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