Ryanair Holdings announces the acquisition of Malta Air

The airline said so through an official statement, where it indicated that it will obtain its fleet of six Boeing 737

Ryanair Holdings announced on Tuesday the purchase of the emerging airline Malta Air, a deal which amount has not been revealed. Through this negotiation it will operate the fleet of six Boeing 737 based in the Mediterranean country, in addition to expanding up to ten aircraft in this market in three years, according to its plans.

The closure of the agreement is expected by the end of June and will include the transfer to the Maltese registry of its six Maltese-based aircraft, valued at more than 600 million dollars, and signing local contracts to the 200 cabin crew (TCP) based in Malta. The increase of the fleet to ten aircraft in three years will mean 350 new jobs.

The investment in Malta Air will allow Ryanair to increase its traffic in the country, which currently reaches 3 million passengers per year, and to access non-EU markets.

The fleet in the country of the low cost Irish airline will have the colors of Malta Air in the summer season of 2020. The Ryanair aircraft based in France, Italy and Germany will have the Maltese air operator certificate, which will allow the 200 TCPs based in these countries to pay their taxes locally in France, Italy and Germany instead of in Ireland.

Ryanair Holdings already includes, in addition to Ryanair, the Polish airline Buzz and the Austrian Lauda, ​​which bears the name of the recently deceased Niki Lauda.

K. Tovar

Source: Cincodías

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